RSS Feeds Drive Traffic to Your Web Sites

Posted on June 28, 2010

RSS feeds are so overlooked when it comes to generating web traffic and yet they are so simple to use!

Rss feeds are collations of your content – from your websites, blogsites, email marketing newsletters, social networking sites – the list is a long one. Pretty much any content that is on the internet can be turned into an RSS feed, then once it is created it can be submitted to RSS Aggregators for distribution across the net.

Once your RSS feeds have been distributed widely you will find that web searchers will view them, some will subscribe to them as they are interested in receiving your content, search engines will crawl them and follow the links back to your site. All of these actions are good for your web sites as it brings in both Search engine traffic and more importantly – Direct Traffic!

Notice I capitalized the last two words of the previous paragraph? I did that because Direct Traffic is something we tend to forget about when trying to generate web traffic. We focus pretty much on building up our websites position in the search engines and generating traffic from Search results. We pay money out for Pay-per-click search campaigns (PPC), thinking this is the answer to our needs fro traffic.

Organic search results via Google, Yahoo and Bing, and PPC traffic, is all good stuff – I am not knocking it at all and I encourage anyone to use both these strategies for generating traffic.

However organic search engine traffic and PPC advertising do not make up all the traffic on the internet – there is a portion of traffic that is the result of direct traffic, and another portion due to referral traffic.

Used correctly Direct Traffic and Referral traffic can and should make up a reasonable % of your overall traffic volume. Why do you need Direct traffic? Well lets say that you are ranking well for a few keywords, and you have a PPC campaign that is also bringing in traffic. Suddenly a giant competitor decides to target your sector, and leaps into take over your positions in the Search engines. They then outbid you for keywords in your PPC campaign – and suddenly your traffic has tried up. It can happen!

If 30% of your traffic is coming from direct traffic and another 20% from referral traffic, you are much less exposed to being knocked out of the search engines, or being outbid for PPC advertising terms.

Start using RSS feeds now to help build your Direct Traffic, if you need any assistance feel free to contact us here