Websites and Web Presence for Local Businesses

In a nutshell, we create search engine friendly websites for businesses whose target market is local or at least relatively local. And we make sure your web presence is complete with representation on the main social networks – Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Google+

90% of commercial web searches are searching for local businesses, so it is more important than ever to not only have an effective and informative website that showcases who you are and where you can be contacted or found, but also one that gets found within the search engines and social media sites.

Here in Australia, most people still like to engage the services of local businesses when they can find what it is they are looking for.

Without a good web presence you are losing access to a lot of ‘easy’ business – that is, customers who would do business with you because you are local.

You can claim that business by ensuring your web presence includes a website that is clean, has all the essential “Find Me” details about you, tells people about your local presence, and what it is you do, AND, you make sure you are represented on the social networks.

Sounds too hard? Well yes it may sound hard but in fact the process can be very straight forward and simple.

We take the hard work out of it all by building your web presence step by step. First off we research the search engines to make sure your current website is focussed on what it is you are offering. We may want to make some changes to your existing site. Once your site is optimised we will also look at your social presence and recommend how to best interact with networks such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter,and Google+.

The process is simple, straight forwards and easy to understand. What do you have to do? You can pretty much leave everything to us. We will tweak, or rebuild you current site to ensure it is search engine friendly and we will take care of the setup of your social network presence.

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