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Mobile Responsive

WAKA sites are responsive on mobile devices without complicated modifications.


Add shopping to your site with just a few clicks. Payment gateways are there for Paypal, Stripe and a few more

Multi Languages

Quickly create marketing sites in different languages or add language selector dropdown menu to your WAKA main site.

Social Media

Link your site to your favorite social platforms

SEO Easy

WAKA sites are easy to search optimise for Google search

Free Updates

We dont charge for updates. When we have an update you get it.

Frequently Asked Questions

We try to answer all the common questions here

How come it's so cheap?

Well that's getting right to the point! We would prefer to say its good value for money...and frankly speaking it is. WAKA site builder itself we don't charge for, we are only charging for the cost of hosting your sites.

What does FULL SUPPORT really mean?

What it means is we manage the servers where your site is hosted, we make sure no bad guys are getting in and adding malware to your site. We monitor for attacks of all kinds, because seriously this happens. Basically we do all the stuff we are good at and let you get on with the stuff you are good at.

Who backs up my website?

Yup that one is also on us, we do that each day, every day in fact, even at Christmas.

Can I build a shopping site with WAKA?

Yes you can, not a super duper sophisticated shopping site like Amazon, that would really be overselling things. But yes you can create your products and connect them to Paypal or Stripe payment gateways for payment processing.

Why would I want more than one website?

That's an excellent question. With multiple WAKA you can create highly search optimised websites targeted at cities, suburbs and countries where you are wanting to find customers. More websites means a bigger online footprint and more leads coming to your business.

Are you guys like Truly amazing?

Haha, LOL...actually no-one has asked us this question...yet. We just popped it in there in anticipation that someday someone may just suggest it...

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WAKA fast website building tools; SEO services; Managed VPS servers; Shared Hosting server; & Dedicated Servers for eCommerce, Wordpress, Opencart, Magento, and custom web applications; as well as SSL Certificates; Email SPAM software; & 
Search Improvement tools

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